Time for (r)Evolution

This information is provided as a very brief introduction to several companies and business ventures that have close partnerships and affiliations with both IRI and The TETRAD Institutes. These are independent corporate entities, each with independent fiduciary and operational management. The Institutes, and IRI, support their business missions and goals and we work together cooperatively. We believe strongly in "Extended Family" and "Coadunatio" principles, globally and locally. Further information and introductions will be provided upon request.

[1] CF = Community Funding – A unique privately-organized crowdfunding system that ensures adequate and proper future returns to both investor-oriented and donation-oriented contributors, and without the dilution of funds that occurs in virtually all other commercial crowdsourcing enterprises. CF = Community Funding brings a variety of options into the hands of those persons and businesses that believe in the long-term future combined with short-term and mid-range Value in the form of projects, companies, non-profit charitable organizations, and unique investment-capital funds.

Explore a brief preview: CF = Community Funding.

[2] Tintagel Press – A consortium of authors and artists, producing works of fiction that have elements of sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, mystery, also poetry and short stories of a more traditional literary genreas well as STEM works, including collections of essays and papers by different recognized authors. There are works pertaining to the fine arts, especially visual arts, and also are "graphic novels" with appeal to a more visually-oriented reading audience.

[3] Vintage Cabaret Café – A unique social establishment for music, entertainment, conversation, art, and all aspects of the "COMEET" experience, inspired by the OASIS environment. Online and Onsite. Founded first within the OASIS internet-world, and expanding to physical locations in North America, Europe and Africa. For a sampling of one type of the musical atmosphere, visit and enjoy:

[4] Caritas Fund – Charities that are directed into the following recipients: MIRNOVA Scholarships and Grants to individuals and organizations, plus Special Awards by the Board and by suggestions and requests by donors. The Caritas Fund is established as an endowment trust fund that will provide sufficient annual funds from its earnings to support the scholarships, grants and special awards.

[5] EXO Capital Fund – Investment fund focused upon long-term and very-long-term space exploration, industrialization, manufacturing, commercialization, colonization. Visit EXO Cap Fund

[6] GUILD Endowment Fund – The Endowment Fund serving all four member-institutes within The TETRAD Institutes, established and overseen by the Guild of Independent Benefactors, Explorers, Innovators, and Sustainers, a private association of individuals.

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